All items listed below must be provided to the ETL two weeks prior to the scheduled evaluation date(s).
  1. Completed On-Site Evaluation Agreement (click here to download form)
  2. Copy of the Application Submitted to NATEF (include Integrated Academic Skills Recognition information, if applicable)
  3. Copies of Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes
  4. List of (6) graduates who completed the program within the past 3 years and are employed locally. Include the name of the graduate, their supervisor, and the address and phone number of the place of employment.  PROGRAM GRADUATE FORM (click here to download form)
  5. Course of Study
    1. Syllabus for each class
    2. Tasks to be taught specified by Priority designations
    3. Number of contact hours
    4. Sequence of instruction to be included in the program
    5. List of training materials used
    6. Sample evaluation form used to track student progress
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