NATEF Donation Policy
The NATEF Donation Policy will assist organizations and companies who wish to provide donations of tools, equipment and/or products to NATEF Accredited programs. Items intended for donation should be in new or like new condition.
Interested companies should contact NATEF or download the NATEF Donation form at  Companies and organizations should submit this form describing the goods and material to be donated. Upon approval of the donation, NATEF will provide appropriate IRS and other donation related information (forms, requests for appraisal, etc…) as necessary.  It is up to the donor to determine the value of the contributed item.
NATEF will poll accredited programs to determine who is interested in receiving the donation. Donated goods are to be shipped directly to the receiving program unless otherwise agreed to. Cost of shipping will be incurred by the donor or the receiving program.
ATMC will develop a promotion plan to provide information to their members. ASE will also promote to industry. NATEF staff will coordinate the requests and distribution.
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