Benefits of Accreditation

Accreditation of an automotive training program brings with it program credibility, prestige, recognition, and overall program improvement.  By ensuring training programs meet the highest standards, NATEF accreditation benefits everyone from schools, students and future employers, to the automotive service industry and everyone driving on our nation’s roads.
School Benefits:
  • Increases potential for funding from public and corporate sources
  • Identifies program excellence to draw more students to the school
Student Benefits:
  • Provides a way for students to identify quality schools and  programs
  • Provides assurance of a higher quality education
  • Increases potential to secure a solid career after graduation
Employer Benefits:
  • Ensures a pool of highly trained entry-level technicians
  • Connects employers with schools who have quality graduates
Automotive Service Industry Benefits:
  • Encourages  more respect for automotive service professions
  • Increases the level of professionalism in the industry
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