Automobile Advanced Engine Performance (L1)

The current Automobile Advanced Engine Performance (L1) certification exam is changing.  A new Composite Vehicle Type 4 (CV4) Reference Booklet will be introduced in January 2016. Due to this significant change in test content, the delivery of test results will be delayed between January 2016 and June 2016.
We realize that your job and your program's MAST status may be impacted if your certification were to expire or you were not able to get the results of a test in a time for consideration during a NATEF evaluation. If this delay will impact you, please consider taking your L1 recertification test as soon as possible. Registering and scheduling your test now will give you the best opportunity to find a convenient testing appointment before the test changeover and holidays.
You can register for testing at myASE and take advantage of our Find-A-Seat locator to browse for availability BEFORE you register.
To view some of the frequently asked questions about this L1 change, please CLICK HERE.  Also, here is a link to a new L1 CV4 video that is posted on the ASE Campus YouTube Channel:
If you take the L1 test before January 1st:
•You will take the CV3 version
•Regular exams are 60 questions (50 scored), 135 minutes
•Recertification exams are 50 questions (50 scored), 120 minutes
•You will receive immediate results
If you take the exam between January 1 and June 2016:
•You will take the new CV4 version
•All exams will be 75 questions, 180 minutes
•You will not receive immediate results
•Results will be posted to your myASE account in June
•Results will be based upon 50 of the 75 items
If you take the L1 test after June 2016:
•You will take the CV4 version
•Regular exams will be 60 questions (50 scored), 135 minutes
•Recertification exams will be 50 questions (50 scored), 120 minutes
•You will receive immediate results
Current, unexpired L1 credentials are still valid until their posted expiration. There is no need to take the L1 CV4-based exam if you are not expiring, but you may if you would like.
If you don't pass the L1 in time to renew your certification, ASE may grant a ONE TIME 6-month extension to your L1 certification which you can use to maintain your credential.  This short-term solution requires that you submit an extension request to ASE and that you pass the L1 test by June 30, 2016. Extension requests must be submitted to and must include your name, ASE ID number, and the reason why you are requesting an L1 extension. To prove that you have acquired an extension, to your state agency that you have an ASE certification extension, you can provide a copy of your ASE Certification Status Letter from your myASE account. Here's how:
The CV4 information and CV4 Blue book for the L1 exams in 2016 are not yet available for download. Email notifications will be sent when they are released. When they are, you will be able to find them here: []
To avoid confusion with the current version CV3, the targeted release for CV4 is the end of December.
To all of you that will be sitting for the new L1 CV4 exam during the transition, we are glad you're taking on the challenge of this L1. We appreciate your patience waiting for the results.  Thank you for your support!
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