Accreditation Fee Schedule

Base Accreditation Fee $850.00 $750.00
Manufacturer Specific Accreditation Fee (if applicable)
This fee is in addition to the Base Accreditation Fee
$425.00 $375.00
Honorarium for Evaluation Team Leader (ETL) @ $250/day
*Please see below
*$500.00 *$250.00
Estimated mileage, hotel, and meal expenses for the ETL
**Please see below
$300.00 $150.00
Base program only
$1,650.00 $1,150.00
NOTE:  It is anticipated that team members recruited from local independent repair facilities and dealerships will serve without charge to the institution.
The NATEF office must receive the application fee with the completed application.  Applications received without payment will be returned to the program for resubmission with payment.
*ETLs are to receive an additional honorarium of $100 per additional program when evaluating multiple programs at one location.  Example:  An ETL evaluates one general program and one manufacturer-specific program during an initial accreditation on-site evaluation.  The honorarium paid to the ETL would be $500 for the standard two-day honorarium plus $100 for the additional program, for a total honorarium of $600. 
ETLs are paid as independent contractors, not as school employees.
**Mileage is to be reimbursed at the “business purpose” rate specified by the IRS. Please visit for the current mileage reimbursement rate.
Costs of accreditation/renewal of accreditation are subject to change.  Contact the NATEF office for current information.
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